Dr.Gross Podcast on the health benefits of Massage Therapy

Dr.Gross Podcast on the health benefits of Massage Therapy

There is a reason why they call it Massage Therapy. Listen to Dr. Michael Gross’s quick podcast to discuss the health benefits of incorporating Massage into your routine. 

Our Massage Therapist, Julie Metz, has won many local awards and honorable mentions for her great healing work. Come and see for yourself today. Book an appointment to visit our Spa at Hyde Park Square. 



Juila Louis-Dreyfus & Caviar at the 2012 Emmy’s!

Are you a big fan of Alterna’s luxurious Caviar line of products? Celebrity stylist Daniel Howell, known for his work with Sandra Bullock, Vanessa Hudgens, Elizabeth Banks and many other A-listers, used the Caviar products exclusively to create Julia’s updo for the 2012 Emmy Red Carpet!Daniel and Julia started with Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner.  If your hair is colored treated, its essential you use products to lock in moisture. Next, Julia was towel dried and they generously sprayed and combed through the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Styling Prep. Before curling Julia’s hair he protects it with Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Perfect Iron Spray to lock in moisture and block out humidity. Eliminate fly-aways with Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Ultra Sleek Polishing serum.  And once Daniel had coiffed the lovely Emmy winner, he finished her off with a feathery mist of Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Extra Hold Hair Spray. 
Try this look with and play around with the Alterna Caviar line in our Hyde Park Square location today!

Style steps and tips courtesy of Alterna Professional Haircare, September 2012.

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12th Anniversary Swag Bags!

This Just In! Our neighbors at Knickers XY will be adding a little surprise to our Twelfth Anniversary Swag Bags! Are you coming? RSVP Below. See you there!

The Spa at Hyde Park Square

At Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon in Hyde Park Square, our full service
spa offers the most luxurious in skin care treatments. Our aestheticians
only use Yon-Ka Paris products which are high in essential oils, minerals
and natural extracts. We offer a variety of facials, including Customized
Facials & Microdermabrasion. Full body services such as the Bronze & Buff
and Back Facial are also available. Our extensive waxing services are
great for sensitive skin as our estheticians take special care of those
more sensitive areas like bikini and underarms.

Our spa also includes an award winning massage therapist who offers
flexible hours and indulgent Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, and
Pregnancy Massage in 30, 60, or 90 minute intervals.

Our nail technicians work hard to bring you the most decadent spa
manicures and pedicure in town. We offer regular polish by Essie and OPI
or Shellac colors by DNC.

Many of our stylists specialize in Make-Up Artistry. We have a great
collection of Mirabella colors and shades to match your skin tone and give
your look a little extra boost before you leave the salon whether you are
headed to an event or just treating yourself to something extra.

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Tanya’s in Venue Magazine!

See all the great coverage of both our salons in this year’s Venue Magazine!

Spring 2012 Cover & Story featuring our remodeled Hyde Park Square location!



Summer 2012 Cover & Story featuring our Crestview Hills salon!





Natural Remedies to Back Pain

Natural Remedies to Back Pain

With a regular yoga practice or even just incorporating some of these poses into your weekly exercise routine and monthly massages with our talented therapist Julie Metz, you can naturally alleviate lots of back pain and discomfort!

Self-Care 101

A successful detox program depends on looking after your body and your mind as well as following an elimination diet. Taking good care of yourself is a necessity, not a luxury, because your physical well-being is intimately connected with the health of your mind and spirit. Exercise and beauty programs complement the detox process because they promote circulation, sweating, deep breathing, and flexibility. On an emotional level they help to foster the sense of restoration and renewal.

Through daily body care routines you can enhance your vitality, even at home. Specific body treatments, from spa therapies to natural hair and skin products, to foot massage and aromatherapy, will leave you pampered and nurtured, as well as significantly improve the appearance of your skin and the efficiency of your body’s elimination processes.

Regular exercise is essential, not just for detoxing but for a happy, healthy life. Apart from stimulating sweating, improving general metabolism and overall detoxification, exercise increases your self-esteem, reduces stress, and makes your body work more efficiently. If exercise is something you normally avoid remember you can get started small and learn to enjoy exercise, make it a pleasure rather than a chore. Exercise increases the production of free radicals in your body, so it must be accompanied by drinking sufficient fluids and the intake of antioxidant foods and supplements.

Stay tuned for more information on different self-care practices you can add to your own personal routine!


Source: Detox: The Process of Cleansing & Restoration by Sara Rose

Wellness First

This summer has been full of BBQs, parties and extreme heat. If your system is starting to feel like its working on over-drive, it should be no surprise.  Sometimes we have to stop and remember that our beauty begins within. Before you judge yourself too harshly while looking in the mirror ask yourself what habits you have that may be helping those dark circles or blemishes. Are you getting your beauty rest? Are you eating well? Exercising enough? It’s time to take control and be good to you from the inside out.  Start by assessing your toxic load. It may be the perfect time to begin a mild cleansing routine to give your skin and energy that extra boost its missing!

Answer the following questions as truthfully as you can. Give yourself 1 point for every question you answer “yes” and 0 points for every “no”. If you score 5 points or more, you may want to consider starting a regiment to cleanse and detox your body. 

1. Do you feel tired when you wake up the morning even though you’ve had enough sleep?

2. Do you drink more than 3 cups of coffee, tea, or caffeinated fizzy drinks such as cola every day?

3. Do you suffer from bloating after meals?

4. Do you suffer from skin rashes, spots or eczema?

5. Do you have an alcoholic drink most days?

6. Do you smoke or live with smokers?

7. Do you live or work in a city?

8. Do you rarely eat fresh fruit or vegetables?

9. Do you eat red meat more than twice a week?

10. Do you eat fried food and junk foods?

11. Do you suffer from constant colds, hay fever or allergies?

12. Do you have mood swings?

13. Do you crave certain foods such as candy and bread?

14. Do you skip meals, especially breakfast?

15. Do you put on weight easily?

16. Do you find it difficult to concentrate?

17. Do your joints or muscles sometimes ache?

18. Do you feel tired and lethargic most of the time?


If you answered yes to five or more questions, your system is need of a cleanse. BUT BE CAREFUL& AVOID fads and popular diet trends! And please, definitely avoid extreme cleanse programs! This is a sure way to put your system into shock and risk even more health concerns. The answer is simple: a balanced diet high in superfoods, whole grains and lean proteins; frequent excercise (even just walking for twenty minutes a few days a week will make a huge difference); and self-care. 

Self-care is something we don’t always take the time to achieve but if your goal is to balance body & mind, you have to approach it holistically.  The next few blogs will explore various practices of self care from body brushing to meditation to massage. 

Have your own ideas on wellness & healthy cleansings programs? Share your thoughts with us! We’d love to hear what you’ve tried, what worked, what didn’t and why!


Source: Detox: The Process of Cleansing & Restoration by Sara Rose

INOA ODS2 – The Haircolor of the Future

ImageTanya’s has always prided itself in being innovative and at the cutting edge of personal care.  While many of you are familiar with the INOA Color Treatment Line, the next generation has been released! If you are someone who has naturally dry hair or dislikes the use and smell of ammonia common in many hair color formulas, INOA ODS2 is perfect for you! 

INOA ODS2 is an ammonia free, oil-based technology that maximizes the effectiveness of the permanent hair color process. Because it has no ammonia, it has no odor and is also very gentle on your scalp. The INOA ODS2 Color Treatment Line is great for covering grays, provides six weeks of intense hydration and nutrition and it leaves your hair soft with 50% more shine. It comes in 59 amazing shades so you have infinite possibilities to take your hair color to the next level. 

INOA by L’Oreal Professionnel is used in 90,000 salons in 64 countries worldwide. It has won twelve international prizes including the Editor’s Choice Award from Allure Magazine. 

Call or come in today to be the first of your friends to try the new INOA ODS2.  Our stylist Bianca Vayna is a color-specialist and educator with INOA system but any of our stylists may introduce you to this great and revolutionary haircolor treatment line!